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Lightroom black and white presets

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Premium Black and white Preset-Bundle for Lightroom and Camera RAW.

My best 23 BW Presets!

The presets that I use for my daily work are now available for download!
With these Adobe Lightroom presets you can apply my looks to your pictures. So you already have great SW image looks that you can of course change according to your own taste.

These presets are best for pictures with normal exposure up to LowKey, depending on how you handle them, you can also adjust the exposure in Lightroom or all other parameters (grain, vignette, etc.).

I also don’t want to give you a bundle of 100 presets, 80 of which you can’t use. The presets selected here are the ones I use and like and since each picture is a work of art in itself, I don’t need 100 different ones, but a few good presets that serve as the basis of my work.