Marco Gressler Photography

Photoshop und Lightroom Kurs für Fotografen. Weiterbildung Fotografie.
Photoshop und Lightroom Kurs für Fotografen. Weiterbildung Fotografie.

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for Photographers

Fr 390.00

2 participants
2 half days a 4h

Saturday, 13. and 20. November 2021
(9am – 1pm each)


Saturday, 11. and 18. December 2021
(9am – 1pm each)

We are flexible when it comes to postponements because of COVID-19.
Disinfectant and masks are available in the studio.


1. Day (2 hours)

- Picture selection in Adobe Lightroom
- Masking
- comparing pictures
- Metadata
- using Presets
- saving your own presets
- copying and synchronising settings
- working with tags and comments
- using corrections
- mastering the development section
- using a pure Lightroom workflow
- exporting Pictures

2. Day (2 hours)
- Working with Lightroom and Photoshop 
- Color profiles and settings, Color spaces
- 8 bit vs. 16 bit
- perception of color and shape
- post processing in Adobe Photoshop
- simple skin retouch
- frequency separation

3. Day (2 hours)
- exchanging parts of an image and simple retouch
- Dodge & Burn in Photoshop
- spatial representation in two-dimensional pictures
- supporting the light
- possibilities to enhance the contrast
- different possibilities to sharpen an image
- back to Lightroom and final touches
- Presets for different purposes (web and print)

Studio in Amriswil (Oberaach), Bahnhofstrasse 2

6pm to 8pm each

I can provide a notebook with Lightroom and Photoshop if needed. 

Snacks and drinks included.


I will show you everything I do, to retouch my pictures. No secrets!