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Intense photography-workshop (2 participants)
Intense photography-workshop (2 participants)

Intense photography-workshop (2 participants)

Fr 1,160.00
Fr 790.00

2 participants
(price for both participants)

1 Model
10am – 5pm

Date by individual appointment.
(Marco Gressler will contact you after booking)

We are flexible when it comes to postponements because of COVID-19.
Disinfectant available in the studio.


1. Photography (10am – 2pm)

- Start at 10 am with breakfast
- Reading light
- Finding the right locations
- Discussing about light, composition, models and posing
- Finding inspiration
- Shooting with natural light
- Expression – movement – posing
- Creating the right mood
- The power of simplicity
- Creating interesting pictures with layers
- Working with studio light
- Creating simple but awesome set-ups
- Analysis of the created pictures

2. Post Production (3pm – 5pm)
- Selecting pictures
- RAW development (Lightroom or Capture One)
- Photoshop Retouching

You enjoy taking pictures and you have a a mirrorless or SLR camera where you can set ISO, shutter and aperture manually. Lenses with f/2.8 or wider aperture.

I can borrow you cameras, lenses and notebooks if necessary.

Snacks and drinks included.

Studio in Amriswil (Oberaach), Bahnhofstrasse 2

Accommodation can be provided if needed.
CHF 20.- per night


In this workshop day, I create a lot of different sets and teach you how easy it can be, to use the natural light or studio light for amazing pictures. We not only create stunning portraits, but also work with layers to increase the spatial depth in the pictures.

To provide a workshop, which shows you the way from A to Z, we do this only with two participants!
I will teach you to see the light and the right locations. After that, we will shoot until about 2pm. After lunch break, we will select your best pictures together. When we have selected the best shots, we do the post production in Adobe Lightroom / Capture One and Adobe Photoshop.


At this day, I will show you everything I do, to create my pictures. No secrets! And we will create some amazing pictures together! Thats for sure! The pictures you see above were created at a coaching day in our studio were this workshop will be.