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E-book bundle - portrait photography - 200 pages!
E-book bundle - portrait photography - 200 pages!

E-book bundle - portrait photography - 200 pages!

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Includes:E-book - The Black Series - 150 pages
E-book - Light Set-ups - 50 pages

ebook: The Black Series

150 pages ebook about portrait photography, body language and much more.

Marco Gresslers bestselling book now as 150 pages ebook!

This book about black and white portrait photography contains many tips to help you improve your skills and many of my works as examples and sources of inspiration. Sometimes it is also very personal, because for me portrait photography is about the personality of people - even behind the camera. This book is about body language, the work with people in front of the camera and what is needed to make beautiful portraits. 

E-Book about portrait photography
e-book about light set-ups for portrait photography

In addition, my ebook about light set-ups comes with that package:

e-book: Set-ups for the living room

Sometimes it’s easy, just simple!50 pages of set-ups and inspiration.

Using a window or a door you can create so many great pictures! I put my favorite sets together and added a lot of pictures to the inspiration section, so that you have a little guide to what you can do. Also as far as the different posing is concerned and there are hints how to work with the light.This PDF can be downloaded to your mobile phone and whenever you need to pull it out to get some inspiration or maybe just show the model a pose that looks great, you have it there.

The package you get to download contains a ZIP File (approx. 65MB)