Marco Gressler Photography

My retouching-workflow

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    It includes:
    • frequency separation
    • dodge & burn
    • high end skin retouching
    • creating light for the viewer
    • painting of hairs
    • optimizing contrast
    • adding dimension and sharpness to your image
    • and much more!

    52 Minutes
    I will show you my whole workflow with one of my images.

    Time saving and easy!
    My goal was and is, to be as efficient as possible. I love to work in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, but I don’t like to spend time where there is an even faster way. This is why I optimized and improved my workflow over the years and I still am!

    What you get with this training video, is insight to my complete workflow from the very beginning to the very end! And you will see, that you can easily integrate this to your workflow.